Cardiff  & South Wales Wedding Photography by Rob Hudson

Rob Hudson






I'm Rob Hudson and I'm a Cardiff based professional wedding and landscape photographer. Before becoming a full time freelance photographer I was a press and public relations photographer for the University of Glamorgan.  I started out doing a mixture of wedding and commercial photography although in recent years the weddings have rather taken over and I do very little commercial work today.



I’ve been twice nominated for the Welsh National Wedding Awards and Country Wedding Magazine’s Wedding of the Year.



My work has also appeared in :

Outdoor Photography magazine, Black and White Photography magazine, Guardian Newspaper, Squeeze an art exhibition at Tactile Bosche, Cardiff, Joan Baker: A Retrospective, Golley Slater, University of Wales Press, Npower, Metronome Music, The Smithsonian Museum Washington DC, Purchase Art Prize, What Digital Camera Magazine, Countryside Council for Wales, National Museum of Wales, TES, Independent Newspaper, National Library of Wales, Welsh Assembly, Pierhead Gallery Cardiff, Dictionary of Art In Wales and On Landscape magazine, Outdoor Photography magazine and Black and White Photography magazine.



I am a renowned landscape photographer my work has been displayed as far afield as at the Smithsonian in Washington DC and this year I am part of a joint exhibition at Farley Farm Gallery in Sussex, the former home of the surrealist and war photographer Lee Miller. I also write occasional articles for photography magazines such as What Digital Camera and On Landscape and give talks to camera clubs and photographic societies. Most landscape photographers, if I'm honest, make rubbish wedding photographers - it's a completely different skill set. I've lost track of the number of times I've been rung by fellow landscape photographers in a blind panic because they've been asked to do a wedding! But my commercial and press and PR background has taught me those skills to photograph people and combine them in a compositional landscape way to make the most of your wedding day's pictures. Plus I've been doing weddings for five years now and that is invaluable experience.



Unlike most landscape photographers my aim isn't simply to record a place or view, but to imbue the images with metaphor, parable and narrative.


"The images are wonderfully soulful, thought-provoking and atmospheric" Joe Cornish.




You can see more of my landscapes at



So you get a combination of my people photography experience as a wedding photographer for the past 5 years, a Press and PR photographer, my landscape compositional skills to make the most of your venue and the design skills from creating my book are at your disposal for wedding books and albums.I am happy to travel throughout South Wales area and further afield.

In the earlier days of my landscape photography I wrote and photographed the book From East to West and Dawn to Dusk a journey in both photographs and a prose along this stretch of coast from dawn to dusk and from Aberthaw in the east to Porthcawl in the West.

From East to West & Dawn to Dusk