Cardiff  & South Wales Wedding Photography by Rob Hudson

Rob Hudson


Wedding Photography Styles

Contemporary Wedding Photography.

This is a term that means different things to different people, for me as the photographer it involves a posing style, making the most of the setting, light and the romance of the occasion. They always rate highly on the "ooh ah - ometer" scale. I'm always happy to discuss specific styles and approaches, just let me know or have a look at my tailor made photography page.

Photo-journalistic wedding photography

Often known as reportage, this is style that is by far and away the most common choice amongst my wedding clients. Often (but not always) black & white photojournalistic wedding photography captures people when they aren't aware of the camera and when they are at their most relaxed.  

Traditional Wedding Photography

You all know what this is, the bride and groom posed, family groups and memorable! It means you don't have to worry about leaving things to chance, I can direct you into poses that make the most of the surroundings, it's therefore great if time or money is limited.

So what are these styles that wedding photographer's refer to on their websites? In truth they are simply a way that photographers use to distinguish themselves from their competitors.  Never a wedding goes past when I don't actually take elements from each. You may have a particular preference for say photo-journalistic wedding photography, but everyone still wants at least one posed group shot as a memory ofthe day. Having said that these categories do help to decide a general preferrence for posed, not posed, group shots or candid photography, so they do have their uses.